Digital identity solutions for the eCommerce platforms

Develop secure marketplaces with digital identities and verified transactions. Lower the risks and customer support expenses with .ID Platform.

Building strong relations through trusted interactions

In online marketplaces, where we rarely see our contract counter party face-to-face, the trust is the most deficit commodity. Establishing the real identity of the users, offering digitally signed contracts and strong customer authentication can increase the trust levels significantly, boost customer engagement and decrease the churn rates.

Making life simple

While pursuing your goals, have you ever found yourself wondering why sometimes getting simple tasks done can be so complicated?

For example, something as simple as signing an agreement with a person you have not met physically before?

Creating the borderless network of trust

We believe that by combining a digital identity with a signature, we can create a truly universal network of trust.

We believe that this is the key to fuel your business relations while protecting our planet.

Flexible user on-boarding

Combine your own user signup flows with .ID verification to provide stronger identity assurance.

Digital contracting made easy

Prepare any type of contract templates and use .ID platform to request signatures from others. You can even use Google Docs and sign PDF and other documents.

Digital approvals for transactions

Transactions over your platform can be approved by standalone secure mobile app.

Global coverage

We can support the trusted identity validation in 190+ countries world wide.

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