Employee on-boarding and employment contracts

Save time and money by fully digitalising employee on-boarding and employment contract management processes.

Solid foundation with digital contracts

True foundation for every working relationship is properly signed employment contract. More and more people work remotely and as freelancers.

There are platforms which try to help with these kind of relationships, but there’s always a cost and most of the time they focus on small work bites rather than on actual employment relationship.

Get it right from the beginning

Collecting necessary and valid data in unified form, preparing the contract and getting it signed is a challenge that costs time and money.

When on-boarding a new employee, identity check must be performed to be able to fill in the employment contract with correct data. Employment contract signing must be done by both parties and must be shared.

Managing ongoing relationships

Collecting signatures for annual changes and updates to employment contracts take additional time and may lead to extra paperwork, which could be easily automated.

Identity verification

Mobile app based real-time verification with the advanced electronic signature option enables to collect the data needed for employment contract in a simple and unified way.

Sign employment contracts

Sign employment contracts and other HR document easily over .ID platform.

Confidentiality built-in

There is no need to keep the original documents in our cloud servers. Our digital signature technology requires the original document to be checked only temporarily.

Global coverage

We can support trusted identity validation in  190+ countries world wide.

How much does it cost?

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