Protect your gamers

Go beyond passwords and protect your games from malicious hacks and identity theft.

Real games, real value

Games today are not just about having fun. Gamer accounts contain value that can be converted into real money.

There are a lot of  marketplaces available where the in-game assets and user accounts are traded. This has made gamers target for fraudulent activities.

Our research has indicated, that every third gamer has experienced account theft.

More security for more fun

That is the reason why more and more online gaming and entertainment industry leaders are making cyber security as an integral part of their top-level agenda.

Similar to real-world entertainment environment, online gaming should feel secure and trusted for consumers to engage more,  stay longer and eventually spend more.

User in focus

User experience is paramount and cannot be compromised while introducing more secure environment.

Otherwise friction in on-boarding will erode all the gains in risk management.

Smooth user onboarding

.ID supports social media based sign-ups, so that users do not need to invent new passwords or type in long emails.

Better 2FA

.ID offers better usability than traditional 2FA apps. Users are simply required to remember one PIN-code or they can use fingerprint readings, or face recognition.

Protected micro-transactions for in-game economy

You can use advanced electronic signatures to secure micro-transactions between gamers, thus minimising the risks associated with account thefts.

Global coverage

We can support trusted identity validation in 190+ countries world wide.

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