Secure Digital Identity for the Fintech solutions

Build a stronger, trusted relationship with your customers by taking advantage of .ID platform for digital identity management and verified identity based electronic signatures.

Tightening regulations

Anti-money laundering regulations are getting more serious every year. Businesses are obligated to know their customers and store that information for the regulatory purposes. This means additional costs on infrastructure, operations, team and training.

Cyber threats

At the same time cyber security risks are increasing. No-one wants to become hacked due to the outdated authentication methods. It leads to higher security standards required to maintain safe and secure environment.

Pressing competition

More and more fintech companies are coming to the market constantly raising the bar for the service levels, customer experience and value proposition. Optimising the onboarding flows, removing friction and managing churn - all that without a compromise in the application security.

PSD2-compliant strong customer authentication

Let your users log in using  secure mobile electronic signature app that provides private-public key infrastructure for authentication and digital signatures.

Making regulatory compliance easier

Establish the identity profile of your customers through the mobile verification session to meet the KYC and AML requirements.

Advanced electronic signatures

Let the users sign up for new services and approve service conditions by advanced signatures within your app or website.

Global coverage

We can provide trusted identity verification in 190+ countries worldwide.

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